Nobody wants pests invading their area. Not only because they are annoying and irritating, but also because of the health risks they pose to you and your family members, and the physical damage they can make to your home.

In fact, in Malaysia alone, Kuala Lumpur recorded a number of cases of dengue in 2015 making it one of the three states with the highest number of cases.

Termites are another major concern for the locals. In fact, termite infestation causes more damage compared to accidental fire or flood in the country.

Rodents are another common pests living in proximity with the people. In fact, they can be seen easily and more often in the local markets, and can even make their way to your home.

Therefore, preventing a home infestation is the best thing one can do before these pesky pests decide to make your home theirs.

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8 Ways to Prevent Home Pest Infestation in KL

Here’s how you can prevent an infestation to occur in your home.

1.Remove any sources of food, water, and shelter.

One of the main reasons why pests invade your area is to look for food, water, and even shelter. To make pests at bay, make sure that these sources are made unavailable for them. You can do this by keeping your house regularly clean. 

If food is not stored properly and clutters are around the house, there is a great chance for a pest infestation to occur.

Make sure that your kitchen is clean and dry, with food properly stored, and trash well-kept. At the same time, make sure that the food debris left by your kids in the living area is cleaned thoroughly.

2.Use safe and enclosed containers to keep food.

Pests, like cockroaches and rats, like wandering around your home especially when people are sleeping. This makes the perfect time for them to search for food, especially those placed in the table and half-opened cabinets.

As a reminder, use safe and enclosed containers to avoid possible contamination.

3.Dispose of garbage properly and regularly.

Pests like to throw themselves into the trash in search of food. If your garbage is not disposed of properly, pests would likely gather around and even make their way inside your home. So, make sure to dispose of your garbage properly by keeping it in a container with a close lid or a trash bag that is properly sealed.

4.Minimize clutter or areas where pests can hide.

Your cabinets can be home to several pests especially if you rarely use and maintain it. A kitchen cabinet, for example, can attract pests if not regularly maintained. So, make sure to check those areas where pests can possibly hide and nest.

5.Seal all cracks and crevices.

Anything that is open gives an opportunity for these creepy-crawlers to enter your premises. Always check your doors and windows if there are holes in it, and replace those that are ruined.

6.Maintain your yard’s cleanliness.

The cleanliness of your yard matters when it comes to a possible pest infestation. Mosquitoes, for example, thrive in a reservoir of stagnant water. This can happen when the water rarely moves in your lawn drainage.

7.Use wire mesh to cover roof vents and chimneys.

Roof vents and chimneys are active openings so you don’t have to cover it fully, instead, you can make use of a wire mesh. This way, you can prevent pests that may enter your premises through these openings.

8.Conduct routine cleaning and inspection of your home.

Lastly, performing routine cleaning and inspection of your home is one of the wisest things to do to prevent an infestation. Routine cleaning assures you that pests cannot enter your house, and will not any way start an infestation. 

Do this by checking all entry points and places where pests can stay. Make sure that your home is always clean and dry, so try to avoid moisture all the time.

Final Thoughts

Preventing home infestation to occur requires a lot of effort but gives you a long-term benefit. Pest prevention is the first step you can do to make your family safe from contracting diseases transmitted by pests, and from assuring yourself of possible structural damage that is still because of pests.

Whenever possible, a pest control service can be of help if things get out of hand.