Pests are common problems anywhere in the world. These creatures are a nuisance to have at home or work premises for they can bring problems, such as diseases and property damage. In Kuala Lumpur, common household pests include rats, termites and bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches.

It is important to know the warning signs of pests for you to treat them immediately. Most of these creatures can multiply easily, so early detection is necessary. Learn more about the common pest problems in Kuala Lumpur and how to spot them early.

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Types of Pests in Kuala Lumpur



Rats are scavengers that have a good sense of taste and memory. Their smell, touch, and taste can direct them to food sources. They have a short life, only about 18 months but their teeth are so strong that they can chew on wire, glass, aluminum, and lead. Thus, they will not just contaminate your food, they can also damage your belongings.

Worse, they can spread deadly diseases such as the Bubonic Plague and leptospirosis. Signs include rat droppings that look like black grains of rice, bite marks, rub marks, scratching noises, and footprints. They often nest in warm and hidden places closed to a food source. You can check the back of your kitchen and laundry appliances Look for rat feces or droppings and chewed items such as cardboard boxes.



Termites often damage properties in Kuala Lumpur without the owners noticing. Subterranean termites feed on wood and jeopardize homes and buildings. It is important to detect them early and reduce the risk of property damage.

Signs include mud tubes on the wall, flying termites, hollow wood, and termite droppings. They hide in walls, crawl spaces, or anywhere that is hard to access in homes because they do not want to be found and they hate sunlight.

bed bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are more common in shared bedrooms, lounges, or cinema but you can also get them when you carry them from your clothes or belongings. These insects are very sneaky.

They hide very well and their bites are very itchy. They are more active at night and they can give you sleepless nights. Signs include dark stains, blood spots on your sheets or mattress, and unpleasant scent. Check your bed frames, headboard crevices, mattress seams, behind wallpaper, drawers, and bedside cabinets.

cockroach in house


Cockroaches are among the very dirt-laden insects. They breed fast and do not die that easily. Signs include droppings that look like black grains, smear marks, egg cases, and unpleasant odor. Common locations of cockroaches are under sinks, behind dishwashers, cupboards, and bathroom cabinets. They like moist, dark places. If you have a basement, it is also likely that they thrive in it.

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Most pests such as rats and cockroaches and ants love to go back and forth homes and kitchens in search of food. You can prevent infestation by keeping your place clean and hygienic.

There should be no reason for them to go back. Bed bugs and termites can be addressed through professional treatment if you find it difficult to handle them on your own.