Every now and then, most households experience issues with bugs or pests. This is especially true in Kuala Lumpur. While most are just an annoyance, some can bite, sting, or spread diseases, that can sometimes be fatal.

The first step towards finding a healthy and effective solution is understanding the issue. You will be able to accurately determine the factors that hinder its potential for growth and reproduction once a pest is defined. All pests, for instance, need water, shelter, and food to thrive.

You may dramatically impact the rate of pests present by restricting one or more of these essential necessities. A longer-lasting, more significant impact is created in combination with natural prevention measures.

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Common Bugs and Ways to Get Rid of Them

Below are the common bugs usually found in your area and the ways to get rid of them.



The common cause for ants to invade your home are scraps. It is certain that food bits and a secure water supply would attract ants. If they get out of hand, those that do find their way into your home will make an unattractive mess.

To keep ants out of your house, sweep regularly so that there are no crumbs on the floor, and as soon as they happen, remember to clean up any mess.

bees and wasp

Bees and Wasps

Sweet beverages, shades of yellow and white, and rotting fruits are what attract bees and wasps.

Keep your yard clean of garbage and covered with a lid. To discourage stinging bugs from approaching, clean up any waste around your house.



Just like other insects, lights and debris outside your house will lure them in. Aside from that, it can be easy to mistake beetles with other sorts of bugs.

If you’re not quite sure that you are dealing with beetles, you can recognize them by their fat body shape and hardened wings.

cockroach in house


Cockroaches would potentially destroy fabrics and spread disease by food contamination.  They often replicate in large numbers rapidly, beginning an infestation easily.

Like several of the other bugs on this page, food crumbs are sought for by cockroaches. They also like humidity and would normally live under the sink and crevices where food and water are near.



Although not inherently harmful, the sound of crickets can represent a source of annoyance. Avoid leaving doors wide open and close any holes in your base to ensure that you do not attract these singing insects.

In addition, light stimulates crickets, so try not to have a lot of lights on, especially at night.

stink bugs

Stink Bugs

Though stink bugs may appear like any old insect, you cannot simply eliminate these bugs by smashing them. They can emit a less than friendly odor if you smash a stink bug, hence the term, stink bug.

Normally, during fall, stink bugs make shelter in your homes to seek out warmth. A quick way to get rid of them is to grab a paper towel and push them onto it.



Mosquitoes, no matter if we are indoors or out, are enticed by humans. They are drawn in by the carbon dioxide we breathe out, and they survive on drinking our blood. Some natural repellents stop mosquito bites. Make sure that you do not stock up water uncovered. Always clean all drainage systems around your area so the mosquitoes’ potential to reproduce will be limited.



Flies are mostly attracted by trash, rotten fruits, and any leftover food people left out. Therefore, throwing out the garbage when it is full and never leaving any food out for long periods is an excellent way to defeat flies.



As mosquitoes like feeding on blood, termites like feeding on wood, which is the most common construction material for houses. Termites can extremely destroy the structure of your house. Destroyed timber, tunnels in wood, and track marks below the paint are signs that you have termites.

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You can try to manage these pests on your own if you have the capacity and desire to do so, especially if it is only a small infestation. However, it’s better to contact a professional if you are facing a large pest infestation.