The existence of pests in a hotel room is probably the biggest turn off a guest may experience. So, before you face the horror of this, you have to make sure that you have a pest management plan included in your hotel management plan.

When guests check-in, you don’t want a rat scampering around the hallway, or visitors spying on flies in the cafeteria or cockroaches in the corridors. It’s very possible that your guests will remember in detail any pest issues they experience during their stay and what’s worse is posting it social media.

Securing assistance from a professional pest control company specializing in the hospitality sector is a successful solution to approach pests. Mr. PestControl professionals are aware of highly efficient hotel pest control techniques and the significance of being prompt and unobtrusive to avoid unnecessary disruptions towards your guests and your operation. Mr. PestControl can educate your personnel to significantly minimize your chance of potential infestations.

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Indeed, doing nothing until an infestation occurs is the costliest way to deal with pests! So, before pests enter your hotel, it is best to follow the following preventive methods:

  • Monitor and Identify Early Signs of Infestation
  • Emphasize Pest Prevention
  • Pay Attention to Guests Comments and Reviews
  • Coordinate with a Professional Pest Control

Monitor and Identify Early Signs of Infestation

Train your staff to detect early signs of pest infestation and make pest monitoring a part of daily procedures.

As these pesky pests are usually carried in by the guests themselves, room cleaners must be properly trained to recognize the existence of pests especially bed bugs and fleas.

Building maintenance personnel should also search for possible pest entry locations and signs of pest behavior, especially rats, flies, and cockroaches.

The people at your kitchen hotel and restaurant should also search for pests in the kitchens, storage rooms, food serving areas, around waste bins like flies, rats, cockroaches, and wasps.

Required protocols should include the relocation of visitors from infested rooms and the closing of the rooms before the pest is completely removed.

Once bed bugs are seen, this may mean closing neighboring bedrooms to ensure they have not yet spread into the foundation of the building.

Emphasize Pest Prevention

Keeping away things that attract pests is the best way to prevent them from infiltrating your area. All pests need food and shelter so they’re sure to detect it and come and eat it if you make food readily available.

Bugs, rodents, cockroaches, and flies all like to remain close to food sources, so they are likely to pursue space in your hotel and become unwanted guests if you continue to provide food for them.

Pay Attention to Guests Comments and Reviews

Customer satisfaction and credibility for business are all important for hotels and can be destroyed by social media in a moment. This will quickly multiply the total cost to the organization by consumer losses.

Transform a negative customer experience into a pleasant one by taking extra steps to fix the issue to the satisfaction of the consumer.

Prepare a strategic plan in place to deal efficiently, respectfully, and quickly with customer reports and complaints about pests. Remember that it is often not the occurrence that upsets consumers the most, but an ineffective response from the company.

Coordinate with a Professional Pest Control

For a business to prevent pests, the most effective way is to have a good relationship with a reputable pest control company.

Coming up with an efficient IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solution that is suitable for your needs and reduces the need to take costly reactive steps, is probably the most helpful way a pest control service can offer you.

Final Thoughts

The very last thing that a busy hotel owner should have to stress about is what else might be residing within the walls of their building. This is why many hotels contract with experienced pest professionals that can provide year-round protection, and prompt action for those pesky pests.

Instead of waiting for some awful infestation to happen, prepare ahead, and be proactive.