Regardless of a restaurant’s good food and perfect ambiance, the sight of pests can ruin one’s dining experience and in worst cases, the business’ reputation.

Well, restaurants are a favorite haven for most pests, especially in Kuala Lumpur. With the food they love, the moisture they enjoy, and the open doors they take advantage of, there’s nothing a more perfect place for pests than a restaurant.

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Common Pests in Restaurants

While a number of pests can infiltrate a restaurant, here are the most common ones.

cockroach in restaurant


Cockroaches are the most common pest in restaurants around KL. Just like any other pests, cockroaches are attracted to food and water sources, most especially the kitchen. They are known to carry disease-causing bacteria like E.coli which can greatly contaminate food and utensils among others.

The sight of cockroaches or just even the signs of it existing in a restaurant can greatly affect the business’ reputation. It will not just discourage customers from dining in, but will also force food inspectors to summon temporary closure.

To keep cockroaches at bay, one must keep their kitchen clean and dry as always as possible. Other areas of the restaurants, like the dining area, matter too. And because food and water sources can’t be easily removed, it’s best to consult a pest control company for early preventive measures.



Rodents, especially rats and mice, are another annoying and unwelcome guests in most restaurants in KL. They invade these food establishments through small openings which are mostly left unnoticed by owners. Piles of garbage, especially leftover foods, rotten vegetables, and fruits, are what attract rodents best.

Their presence alone poses a great risk as their droppings, fecal waste, and urine causes fatal diseases like Leptospirosis. They can also cause damage to your food packs and some equipment as they like to gnaw on things leaving unsanitary droppings and sometimes unwanted smell.

One way to keep rodents away is by disposing of your garbage regularly and in an organized manner. Opened trash bags or cans can greatly attract rodents. So, be sure too that you keep watch of small openings that can be an access point for these pesky pests.



Flies, which come in a number of species, are another annoying pests anyone wouldn’t want flying around a restaurant. Just like cockroaches and rats, flies also carry disease-causing bacteria as they are known to fly around food and fecal wastes.

The presence of flies in a restaurant is annoying to diners as they portray the image of dirt, germs, and bacteria. They take advantage of small openings, open doors, and windows especially with the smell of food around. Aside from they are truly annoying and irritating, they are also very difficult to control.

Always keep your trash receptacle and drains clean to discourage flies from multiplying. They are also attracted to anything that is decomposing so be sure to dispose of garbage well. If things get out of control, it’s best to call for pest control.



Ants may not be that unsightly to diners, but for owners, it can be very frustrating. Ants are greatly attracted to sugary substances and food droppings, so whenever these are available, expect a colony of ants coming.

Though not as terrifying as other pests, when they get into the diners’ food, it may ruin the restaurant’s reputation. So, it’s best to take early preventive measures.

Food crumbles or droppings are what attract ants best so make sure to clean it up immediately.

Other Pests

Some other pests can go unnoticed but can pose risks to diners and restaurant owners alike. These include the following:

Stinging Pests

Stinging pests, like wasps, can be unpleasant for diners as they constantly sting people, sometimes causing allergic reactions.

Moths, Weevils, Beetles, etc.

Pests like moths, weevils, and beetles, or commonly called Stored Food Insects or SFI, can be annoying for restaurant owners. They can go unnoticed most of the time as they silently feed on stored food products but can cause contamination because of the eggs or larvae they leave behind.

They commonly infest grains like rice, beans, and nuts, so it’s best to always lookout for signs of their presence, especially that they multiply pretty fast.

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Final Thoughts

Pests are everywhere but their presence in a food establishment like restaurants can be very unsightly. So, as a restaurant owner, it is best to keep your area clean and dry as always as possible. Proper sanitation and hygiene practices are also expected from everybody working in the chain