The Problem:

It was a living nightmare for Mrs.Lee and her family, that they finally decided to move out of their current rented home. It’s almost a year when they got itchy bites, but they don’t how it started and what caused it.

They thought it was some kind of allergic reaction, but it stayed for days, to weeks, and several months after. They consulted several doctors and were given medications but it only stopped the itching for a short while, and new itchy bites still continued.

It was until Mrs.Lee and her family learned that a new family who rented their neighboring room just a few months ago moved out because of the serious bed bug infestation in the building. After knowing that it will take time to completely eliminate the bed bugs, they moved out and hoped for a more comfortable life.

However, a few bites here and there pestered their family in their new rented house. So, they agreed that it must be the right time to get professional help before those pesky bed bugs infest a large area of their new home.

Mrs.Lee immediately made a call for us, and with our utmost hope of helping them recover from their year-long nightmare, we immediately arranged an urgent visit to their new place.

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The Solution:

Whether you’re at your own home or in a rental place where people come and go, bed bugs are an unwanted and frightening guest. All ‘beds’ are at risk, especially those accommodation places with many guests, or if you are a frequent customer of these places.

Bed bug management is very difficult due to their genetic tolerance to pesticides, and unlike care for other pests.

That’s why upon receiving the call of Mrs.Lee, we inspected their place and it came out that Mrs.Lee. and her family must have brought the bed bugs to their new home from their belongings that they used in their previous home. It was a good thing that there wasn’t a large infestation or it could have been difficult to completely eradicate the bed bugs.

Since it was a small and starting infestation, we recommended bed bug control service which could effectively eradicate an infestation without compelling them to leave their area. In most and severe cases, they must have to leave their area unoccupied while our team applies a special treatment that promises to eradicate the bed bugs within 24 hours. But, because those bed bugs haven’t started to create a colony, we advised them to expose their belongings in direct sunlight along with our tailored treatment. We also recommended disposing of useless things that might become a haven for these pesky bugs sooner or later.

However, we still advised them to carry out preventive checks as early detection in combination with our approach to helping prevent them from spreading those bed bugs from infesting other parts of their place.

Clients’ Feedback:

“After realizing that bed bugs could be infesting our house, I booked with KL1 Pest Control for their services. My family and I had been dealing with bed bugs for nearly a year and had attempted several treatments, but we did not know that those pesky bugs were wandering around our house where the one to blame! Anybody who has had bugs in bed will understand what a horrible experience it is! Now our new home is free from infestation and my children didn’t have any bites. Thanks to the team at KL1 Pest Control who treated my horrible situation with patience and caution.”


“Fantastic service.

Without even realizing it, we suffered from bed bugs. I have to admit that I was absolutely devastated but I and my family are now bug-free after getting a bed bug treatment gone. KL1 Pest Control’s staff have been fantastic and the technician has been polite and encouraging.

Money definitely well spent.”

Mrs.Lee’s Husband

“I saw how my family suffered from the ill effects of those pesky bed bugs. We didn’t even realize that those tiny creatures had us in a living nightmare for almost a year. Fortunately, we had the peace of mind that it wasn’t something of a medical condition why we had those itchy bites for long. If not for KL1 PestControl, we must have continued to suffer till now. Great job!”

Mrs.Lee’s Daughter