The Problem or The Challenge:

Miss Lau was very frustrated after arriving in the office with her documents in the cabinet in pieces. She thought it might be someone with evil intentions toward her. She let that frustration let out by reprinting new copies of those documents.

The next day, Miss L had the same issue, but this time she asked her office mates as to who would dare make a mess with her by destroying those important documents even though she has soft copies of it. Her frustration reached Miss Lau.

When Miss Janet, the manager-in-charge of the office, saw a few droppings in their office herself, she immediately thought that a mouse or rat might be wandering around. The next day, she also noticed that some of their food packs in their office cupboards had small holes. It was very frustrating as they had to throw away many of it not just for that day, but in the next days that came.

Miss Lau immediately thought of hiring a professional who can check and verify whether rodents are really the one to blame, and how much of their office space has been occupied by these pesky pests.

Miss Lau gave us a call, and so we arranged an urgent visit and inspection of their place.

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The Solution:

While some things can be done by yourself, and are a cost-effective way to solve rat problems in your areas, the case of Miss J is something that must be checked by a professional just like the one from Ms. PestControl to check and verify if there’s an established colony or a repeated infestation.

We understood the urgency of the matter, so we visited their area, 30 minutes after the call, for a free site inspection to identify the source of attraction of the rats infesting their office, their nesting location, the extent of the infestation, and the rat species invading the area.

After the site inspection, we took advantage of the unoccupied office premises as it was important for the client to urgently perform the work to make sure the area was made safe from vermin. Our technicians started to work setting up an initial seven-day comprehensive inspection program to ensure that both the area’s indoor and outdoor spaces are treated, inspecting every day to treat and contain the infestation. Once the initial intensive 7-day care had been completed, the office premises were once again rat-free.

Our experienced and highly trained technicians offered effective, targeted rat control solutions tailored to the requirements of Miss J.

We came up with treatments that included the control of any potential breeding and nesting sites and gave them advice on actions to take to prevent further infestations.

Clients’ Feedback:

“I called KL1 Pest Control for an inspection, and fortunately, they got a free inspection of the site. When I called them, they came out just a few minutes later. They also guaranteed their service, and also made sure we no longer have rat issues in the future by giving us tips and advice. They were really polite and on time. What’s more, they did not force us to keep in touch with them under a contract, instead, they managed to explain well to us why the infestation occurred and how we can avoid it in the future.”

Miss Lau

“KL1 Pest Control came to our office immediately after our superior reported on the urgent rat infestation issue. They replied very politely to all our questions, and with consistency and enthusiasm. They are an expert in their profession, and we are fortunate to have a technician of such exceptional quality. My officemates and I were delighted toward them as our pest control company, and we will be recommending them to others, especially to our family and friends.”

Miss Lim

“”We were extremely pleased when KL1 Pest Control immediately arrived. We were afraid that Miss L would come against us, thinking that we were messing with her. Luckily, they have been able to prove that it was the rats in the office who were pestering us. As one of the company’s normal employees, I’m far more at ease in the knowledge that my valuable office documents will be protected from those pesky rodents.”

Miss Lau’s Office mate