The Problem:

As a newly-wed couple, Mr.Jack and his wife thought of a fresh and new beginning in their new home. Not until they witness how their house was being taken down by a load of termites.

It started when Mrs.Melissa noticed a few pellets of wood-like droppings in one corner of their rooms. At first, she thought it wasn’t serious and must have been the doing of a few little rats nibbling around. The issue with rats was solved immediately as the rodents haven’t made a breeding site yet in their home. It was just a few visiting rats who loved to wander around their trash bags.

While cleaning the room, Mrs.Melissa thought of hanging a few picture frames in the room. To her dismay, the nail went through easily but it won’t hold properly. Upon checking, Mrs.Melissa was surprised to see that the part of the room was almost hollow inside. Mrs.Melissa told her husband about what happened, and only then they realized that some pesky pests were feeding on the wood of their walls, leaving those pellet-like wood droppings on their floor.

At that instant, the couple consulted us about their issues with those pests, with which they are not sure as to what it could be. That’s why our professionals at KL1 Pest Control decided to schedule an urgent visit to their home to do a site inspection.

Upon inspection, our professionals came up with a conclusion that termites are the ones to blame for the pellet-like wood droppings and the uneven or bubbling paint in their room.

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The Solution:

If it goes untreated, termite infestation may result in expensive repairs and increasing frustration. Fortunately, Mr.Jack and his wife noticed evidence of termite behavior on their property before it was too late. As someone knowledgeable and professionally trained, KL1 Pest Control responded to the urgency of the situation to regain the couple’s sense of security and safety quickly.

At KL1 Pest Control, we offer a wide variety of termite control solutions specially designed to the unique needs of our clients.

We offered Mr.Jack and his wife different treatment solutions, but since the termites have already created a colony in their property, both parties agreed for a standard treatment strategy of KL1 Pest Control that uses a proven effective approach of liquid termiticide application. This strategy is effective for both the treatment of an established problem or as a repellent so that termites stay away.

The treatment included injecting the termiticide into the ground making a barrier between the soil and the foundation of the house. This process created a treated area around the corners of the area covering the whole perimeter. The termiticide was also spread under their concrete floor and across the house’s foundation. In the course of the treatment, while searching for food, termites are exposed to termiticides. The treatment is ingested by them and its active ingredient is spread among other termites through physical contact. This treatment gradually causes the termites’ population to decrease.

We assured Mr.Jack and his wife after the treatment as we warrant the efficacy of our termite treatment according to their chosen package and will conduct re-treatment in case termites re-infest their home again within the warranty period.

Clients’ Feedback:

“When we saw that we had a pest infestation at home, we actively sought out KL1 Pest Control. My biggest concern was the room where our child is supposed to stay soon. They have been really responsive to our schedule, so I like it, and they’re doing the job.”


“We contacted KL1 Pest Control for a site inspection. Fortunately, they have been able to figure out the cause of the hollow wall we had in one room of our house. They were very responsive as we raised our concern and the urgency of the matter. They have guaranteed their jobs, and also verified to make sure we no longer have termites. KL1 Pest Control also decided to cover it under the same package if there is an infestation of termites again. They were really polite, and on time. They were not suggesting that we had to stay under the deal. They were really descriptive and explained what they were doing.