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We are a family-owned business that has been offering pest control in Klang since the early 90’s. If you’re struggling with pest problems, we have the knowledge,team and latest equipment to get the job done.

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Pest Control Klang

Klang’s Best Pest Control Services

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We provide pest control services in Klang to our customers as a complete solution provider. Worry not if you find infestations of roach and rodents in your premises, you have us at your side.

Upon review, our well-trained professionals will advise you on the necessary treatment for your problem on-site.

When it comes to pest control, are you any better off buying and handling any of the chemicals yourself? Or would you rather invest for a professional pest control company to come in and take care of some kind of pest problem as well?

Bear in mind that our primary aim of delivering our service is not only to eradicate pests but also to prevent them from disrupting your home or working area.

P.S. Looking for pest control in other locations? We provide services throughout Selangor and KL.

Here are some of the popular location that we provide pest control services:

Common Pest Problems That We Can Solve In Klang

We can help you to solve all types of pest problems you’re struggling with. With our years of experience, there’s no pest issues that we can’t solve for you.

Here is a list of common pest problems that we can solve:

  • Ants
  • Termite
  • Cockroaches
  • Rats
  • Mosquitoes
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees
  • Birds
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Flies

How much does it cost for pest control in Klang?

When it comes to determining the overall cost of a pest control service, it is difficult to give clients an estimate without looking at some factors.

At KL1 Pest Control, we take the following to help you determine the price of the pest control service you need.

  • Property size and location
  • Type of pest
  • Infestation situation
  • Frequency of visits

Property Size and Location

Your property’s size and location will contribute to the overall cost of pest control service. Let’s say you have a large area. In that case, our technicians will need more time to deal with the problem, and probably more effort to solve the issues.

Type of Pest

The type of pest invading your household is another factor that will lead to the overall cost of pest control service you need. Let’s say rodents are invading your home more than cockroaches do. A different approach and treatment will be needed to solve each issue, and thus pricing will vary.

Infestation Situation

If you notice that a large and established colony of termites has been infesting your home, that can be considered a serious infestation and will therefore cost you more compared to the problems you have with cockroaches which can be considered a small infestation situation, if you’re lucky.

Frequency of Visits

If you have a serious infestation situation at home, multiple treatments will then be needed, thus, you can expect us to visit often and may incur some charges depending on the treatment needs. Our company has packages that can help you choose and decide for a more cost-effective approach.

To get an accurate quotation, you can contact us via WhatsApp, Email or Call. Our friendly team will be there to assist you. From the moment you contact us to after the job is done, you can only expect the best pest control service from our team.

We not only can provide pest control services in Klang, our team will also provide you with free consultation and follow-ups to prevent pest problems to happen again.


What are the 3 methods of pest control?

In fact, there are different methods of pest control services that you can get, which depends entirely on the situation you are experiencing in your home, so be sure to get a clear understanding of the exact form of pest control you need.

Pest Extermination

Usually, you would need extermination solutions for an ongoing infestation. These services can be delivered in many ways, including sprays of pesticides, pest traps, or in extreme cases, tenting and fumigating your entire home.

Typically, these treatments work fast and kill any and all pests that make themselves cozy in your home. If you’re concerned about the chemicals that will be used, Mr. PestControl can use “green” or environmentally-friendly sprays that contain less chemical compounds.

Pest Removal

There are plenty of pests here in Klang that want to make themselves comfortable in your house’s nooks and corners. Even snakes are frequently found to inhabit the crawlspaces of a house. You are going to want to look into the pest control services for these pest issues.

To catch these larger pests and remove them, our pest control professional will need to come to your home and make these pests click a bait, and get caught in a trap. This, however, will take some time, so our pest control professional will need to make a few visits to effectively handle the issue.

Pest Prevention

The last pest control method we have is to prevent pests from ever invading your home first. Getting frequent pest repelling treatments to your home and blocking off common entryways into your house, are the best ways to do it.

Although repellent sprays will help keep most insect invaders away, you have to make sure small entry points within your home are adequately filled, blocked, or protected for those bigger pests.

Which is the best method for pest control?

By far, bringing preventive strategies into your daily activities is the safest and best way to secure your home.  This is a vital step towards eliminating pests, and a successful technique to fully make your home pest-free.

Routine cleaning is a must, and there are some guidelines that can help to discourage animals or insects. Here are some strategies of prevention that you can use in your area.

  • Strip away all food, water, or shelter sources.
  • Place products in containers that are secured and sealed.
  • Consistently dispose of garbage with a tightly shut lid.
  • Minimize clutter where pests can conceal themselves.
  • Close any gaps or holes so that outside entry is prevented.
  • Conduct regular cleaning and inspection of your house.

What are the main reasons for pest control?

There are just a few reasons to call in for local Klang pest control. If these pests start building their habitats within your household or anywhere near you, these unwelcome creatures will disturb your life along the way.

Below are other reasons why many people have recourse to call for pest control.

  • Pests multiply fast.
  • Pests bring illnesses.
  • Pest-infestation causes damage to your house properties and belongings. 
  • Endless cleanup needs from rodents droppings.  
  • Annoying noises and scratching on floors and walls
  • Pest control is quicker and more convenient.
  • Pests may not simply remain in one location and may infest more areas.
  • Pests are widespread.

Protecting your family from pests that cause diseases and your property from devastation is an urgent need. KL1 Pest Control can help you accomplish this task. Allow yourself to de-stress, relax, and conveniently get rid of pests to give yourself all the relief you need.

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