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Pest Control Puchong

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Here at KL1 Pest Control, our field of expertise is to quickly and effectively get rid of household pests. Our professional and expertly trained technicians will provide you with long-lasting pest relief from common household pests!

While most other pest control industries will make you wait days to weeks for pest control services, we genuinely think you should never have to wait for relief from annoying, intrusive pests. Reach us before noon, and we will be at your home the very same day to solve your pest problem quickly and reliably.

At KL1 Pest Control, we know it takes not just one procedure to keep pests out for good. That’s why we use state-of-the-art treatments to provide our pest control services with the latest tools and methods to provide you with a long-term pest-free home.

We make sure our services on pest control come with our personal guarantee. If you ever find pests in your house after our exterminators have given services, we’ll gladly return and redo our solutions to your house for free!

We have been servicing Kuala Lumpur area for more than a decade by offering top-tier services. 

Not only that, we also provide a variety of pest control services across Selangor area such as:

How much does it cost for pest control in Puchong?

Given that there are an array of factors leading to the pest control cost, it is incredibly hard for us to provide you with a precise cost for our pest treatments.

Below are the factors contributing to the total cost of treating a pest infestation is:

  • Type of Pest
  • Infestation Size
  • Treatment Type
  • Size of Property/Area
  • Number of Treatments Needed

Type of Pest

If you have a problem with rats more than a cockroach, expect that a higher cost will be charged to the overall cost since different solutions are applied for each type of pest problem.

Infestation Size

A small infestation at your house will cost you less than a large and established pest infestation.

Pests that have infested your home for a while already are difficult to remove and will require specialized treatment and more effort to solve.

Treatment Type

The type of treatment needed for your pest control needs will depend on the pest invading your house. The more complicated the pest is, the higher the cost you will expect.

Size of Property/Area

Of course, the size of your property will also contribute to the overall cost of your pest control needs. Naturally, more time is needed to solve a pest problem in a larger area compared to a smaller area.

Number of Treatments Needed

Some pest infestation problems may require more than just one treatment to solve. Multiple treatments are necessary to stop pests from coming back or prevent them completely from invading your home.

Can I do pest control myself?

When deciding on a do-it-yourself or hiring a professional, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Expense
  • Convenience
  • Knowledge
  • Risk
  • Effectiveness
  • Warranties


Usually, a trip to the store and the purchase of chemicals is less costly than hiring a pest control company in Puchong.

With a professional, the initial investment will be more costly but will end up being the cheaper option. If the pesticides in-store do not solve your pest problem successfully, they can contribute to your pest control problem rising. It can be costly to continue purchasing items in-store. Not to mention the possible damage which pests can do to your house.


You can go to the shop, buy the pest control product and apply it at your own convenience when you do it yourself. 

Finding the most convenient for you and the pest control professional can be a bit complicated. More often than not, this comes at the customer’s expense. But a professional exterminator will work with the client to plan the best time for both parties.


When buying in-store pesticides, guidelines are written on the package. Not only can details be found on the label but it is also convenient to go online and simply do research about the product or pest in question.

On the other hand, an experienced professional in the field of pest control would be able to identify and deal with your issue quickly.


Attempting to apply chemicals could put people, pets, or local plants at risk. Most of the time, chemical products do not always illustrate the danger of using it and the threat it has for those who bought it.

Most danger is eliminated from the homeowner by employing an experienced and skilled pest control company.


Sometimes, store-bought exterminating items can be useful for small pest problems. For store-bought products, this can be harder with a larger infestation. Pests are adaptable organisms, and after a certain period of time, can become resistant to certain chemicals.

A professional Puchong-based pest control company will provide up-to-date details and products for your infestation care.

Is pest control worth the money?

DIY is really a cost saver but let me just give you seven reasons why it is certainly worth the money to employ professional pest control services.

  • Prevents threats to you and your family’s health
  • Maximum efficacy
  • Identifies precise location of the source of the infestation
  • Saves you time and effort
  • Eliminates more damage to your homes
  • Avoids future, high charges
  • Free professional guidance on how to avoid further infestation

Indeed, booking a professional pest control service in Puchong will help you not only optimize the efficacy of the treatment applied in your home but also prevent the risk of extending the life of certain pests by using the wrong tools and knowledge. You not only avoid the risk for your family but also save your home from further damage.

What is the difference between pest control and exterminator?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between pest control and exterminator? When should you get one?

Below are the common differences between the two concepts.


  • The principal goal of an exterminator is to eliminate the pests. They’re not always addressing the root of the pest problem.
  • Exterminators depend entirely on pesticides to get rid of the problem. That often involves using more toxic than required materials to mitigate the problem. Also, they could be used in a wider area than required.

Pest Control

  • Pest Control Professionals (PCPs) know that prevention and control are the keys to mitigating pests long-term.
  • PCPs form a working relationship with clients. They’ll be posing questions and trying to figure out how the problems began. They will provide guidance on how customers can make pests less welcome to their homes.
  • The products used by PCPs against pests are equally effective, but are less harmful to humans and animals.
  • PCPs are striving for long-term solutions to your pest problems, as opposed to using pesticides just to kill the pests that you see. How do the pests get into your home? How can we contain them?

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