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What to Expect From Our Rat Control Service

It is no secret that rodents—specifically rats and mice—transmit a variety of diseases to humans through contact with the animal itself or their urine, feces, saliva, or even bites. Disease can also be spread indirectly, via ticks, fleas, or mites that have fed off an infected rat.

The range of illnesses transmitted directly are serious and they include hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and even the historic plague, remembered as one of the deadliest pandemics in human history. Indirectly transmitted illnesses include Lyme disease (spread via tick bites), La Crosse encephalitis, rickettsialpo,  and West Nile virus.

Apart from the health dangers they pose, having rats in urban areas have undesirable consequences on human living spaces. When these rodents gain access to your home or even your place of business, they are able to damage items and even contaminate food.

The presence of these creatures can create alarm for both customers and employees; damage to goods, equipment, and wiring; losses due to product recall; and perhaps even legal problems, due to failure to adhere to regulations.

We offer professional rat control services executed by highly trained pest control specialists who use non-hazardous products and treatment methods, which will ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Our services are also available at affordable rates, commensurate to the type of work you need done and the budget you are willing to pay.

The Process of Rat Control Service

Rats are a year-long concern for many homeowners, hotel, or establishment proprietors, and for good reason. Left unchecked, they can harbor and spread bacterial and viral diseases, which can spell serious trouble for your own home and business. 

Our rat control service begins with a site inspection to assess the infestation in your area, which includes identifying the rat species, source of attraction (like food,  and the site of breeding. The process also involves treatment methods that are aimed at rat nesting sites and other appropriate areas.

Signs of a Rat Infestation That You Need to Call For a Rat Control Service

Because rats are more of nighttime creatures (specifically between dusk and dawn), it is much easier to see marks of rodent activity rather than the actual animal. Nip the situation in the bud by knowing what to look for.

  • Droppings – these are usually dark brown and shaped like a grain of rice
  • Bite marks – these usually appear on wood and plastic objects
  • Scratching noises – these may be heard at night especially in loft-type residences, on account of their ability to climb
  • Rat holes – these animals tend to burrow for shelter, nesting, and food storage
  • Nests – in order to build their resting spots, rats will often shred materials such as cardboard

FAQs Of Rat Control Service

How much do rat control services cost?

The price of rat control services varies due to a few factors such as the location, how severe is the pest problems and so on.

At KL1 Pest Control, we make sure that our price and packages are reasonable and fit your needs and budget.

If you prefer to get an accurate quote, contact our customer support staff, as well as for other inquiries.

How do I get rid of rats in my house fast?

To get rid of rats, clients can either go for do-it-yourself or professional options. For those who go on the DIY route, choosing rat baits and poison will be important as well as learning how to properly use the equipment.

However, this may prove to be a difficult undertaking especially if there is a serious infestation. Rats are capable of avoiding traps. You may need to determine what holes they enter through and seal these access points.

Professional rat control services have personnel who are better trained to eliminate a rat infestation.

Is pest treatment safe for my kids and pets?

KL1 Pest Control uses control methods and treatments that target a specific species. Despite this, it is best to keep kids and pets away until the specialist advises it is safe to do so.

Why are there rodents in my home?

Rats are usually attracted to food that is left out or kitchen tables left uncleaned; pet food or feces; accessible food and water (which includes the garbage and compost); as well as shelter, which your home will be if there are ways for it to enter.

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