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What to Expect From Our Termite Control Service

Termites, soil-dwelling creatures, are considered nuisances that can pose serious threats to buildings. The damage caused by termites can cost a lot both in terms of money and physical safety.

These insects’ primary source of food is wood, but they are also capable of damaging paper, books, and insulation material. They can eat away at trees, shrubs, as well as woody plants.

Termites can dwell in any building at any time, but when you are considering buying a new home or are moving into a new space, it is necessary to check for these pests. 

There are winged termites that tend to fly in the air in warmer and rainier weather, after which their wings fall off and they begin to mate. These types live only up to a day, but their presence is very telling of an infestation.

Other signs that call for a termite inspection include damaged or hollowed-out timber, destruction of stored items (like boxed papers and books), and mud or dirt in gaps of doors, which is usually indicative of their activity.

KL1 Pest Control helps you with this pesky infestation problem. We offer pest control services in Kuala Lumpur and other areas that provide quality and reliable treatment. Our solutions are non-hazardous and odorless, so they are safe for humans and pets. Our prices are also very reasonable, sure to fit any budget you have set aside for the purpose.

The Process of Termite Control

Termite control starts with an inspection of the building or home, to identify where the insects have established a colony and in which areas of the space they have invaded. Once the specialists have determined the location of these termites, they can come up with and implement the appropriate treatment methods.

These include spot treatment (short-term fixes intended for localized treatments), enhanced termite protection (drilling of termiticide into the building’s perimeter, targeted at subterranean colonies), and dry wood termite treatment (foam technology which injects termiticide into the walls at specific areas).

Why Choose Us for Termite Control

Termite control is essential to ensure the integrity and safety of any home or building, as it protects both human life and financial investments. But for such an important undertaking, the professional services provided by KL1 Pest Control guarantees effective and experienced implementation.

Our treatments are done by expertly trained specialists. We deliver 100% effective solutions, offer appointment times to suit your busy schedule, and use non-toxic products and materials that are vetted by major brands. You can be assured of value-for-money services.

FAQs About Termite Control

What is the average cost for termite control?

KL1 Pest Control offers services at affordable prices that will fit your budget. To get a more accurate quote, contact us today and reach out to us for any other questions and concerns you may have.

Can I treat my home for termites myself?

There are do-it-yourself termite control options that you can do. These include termite baiting and chemical treatments.

However, since spotting the presence of termites in your building or home takes an experienced eye and a level of training, it is advised to engage a professional for termite extermination. Different factors affect the effectiveness of DIY methods, such as the severity of the infestation and solutions used.

How long does termite control last?

Many factors come into play determining how long termite control lasts, but most termite treatments last for five to eight years. With KL1 Pest Control, you can be assured of effective and long-lasting termite control.

What is the fastest way to get rid of termites?

While there are DIY options for controlling termite populations, the most effective way to eliminate termites is to hire professional extermination service providers.

With KL1 Pest Control, you are assured that the job is thoroughly done using tried-and-tested as well as safe products.

How fast do termites spread?

These pests are able to spread throughout a building or home in a short period of time. Termites colonies contain about a few hundred thousand insects, while queen termites lay up to 30,000 eggs daily.

As termites multiply, they spread out looking for sources of food.

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